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Information for phone number 312-436-2550

Owner Name Available now »
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Owner Location Chicago Illinois zip code 60606
Phone number type RBOC
Prefix Information 312-436

Some common ways of searching for this number include (312) 436-2550 or 3124362550. It is in area code 312.

Information for this County

Name: COOK
Time Zone: 6
Area: 946 sq. miles
Population: 5,376,741
Average people per household: 3
Number of households: 1,974,181
Estimated white population: 3,025,760
Estimated black population: 1,405,361
Estimated hispanic population: 1,071,740

Information for this Zip Code

Zip code: 60606
Residential addresses: 2,133
Business addresses: 2,176
Average household income: $100,377
Average house value: $173,200
Average per capita income: $70,878

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