Rise of the New LinkedIn: By the Numbers

Share this graphic on your site! Source: Number Sleuth Rise of the New LinkedIn: By the Numbers You used to only check LinkedIn for job listings every few months—so why are working professionals suddenly spending hours on it every week. LinkedIn’s New Numbers Worldwide Growth 2003: 500,000 users 2007: 13 million users 2011: 140 million […]

30 Most Memorable Moments in Soccer History

Image Source No sport has captured the world’s imagination quite like soccer – and, over the years, the game’s greats have delighted fans across the globe with their mesmerizing skill and masterful play. Indeed, many of soccer’s most talented stars have produced moments of true magic, inspiring supporters and casual spectators alike down through the generations. […]

Can the Spam: Mobile Phone Spamming

Share this graphic on your site! Source: NumberSleuth.org Can the Spam: Mobile Phone Spamming Smartphones are great. They’re little computers that we can take everywhere and use to communicate with anyone across the globe. But where there are computers, there’s malware, and smartphones are no exception. Let’s take a look at mobile phone spam — […]

Turn Back the Dial: 30 Developments in the History of the Phone

Image Source On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant Thomas Watson to his laboratory with the words “I want to see you.” And the reason this unassuming phrase was so significant is not what was said, but the means by which it was delivered and heard. Those were some of the first […]

A World Without the Post Office

Share this infographic on your site! Source: NumberSleuth A World Without the Post Office The U.S. Postal Service, one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the U.S. Constitution, has seen better days. After a plan by the post office to end most Saturday mail delivery, a proposed federal budget mandated six-day delivery, despite […]

The Amazing History of Information Storage: How Small Has Become Beautiful

People have been storing information since the stone ages, ever since they’ve been writing or putting art on tablets and walls. With the invention of paper and ink, the “density of information” increased significantly, packing a lot more information into a tighter space (such scrolls and eventually bound books, as we still use today). The […]