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Number Sleuth allows you to discover detailed information about phone numbers, including the owner and location. Our system allows you to instantly trace free information about cell phones and traditional landline numbers. We also present you with the option to quickly gain detailed information about the owner of the number (including name and address). Using a database containing millions of phone numbers, zip codes and owner information, Number Sleuth is the most powerful and fast reverse-lookup tool on the Internet.

Free Number Search

Number Sleuth provides a limited free phone number search function which will give you some general information about the phone number you're researching. The free phone search service does not include information about the owner name or address, but is intended to help you get started on your search. Payment is required to receive phone number owner information.

Find any phone number instantly

Our phone number database has extensive information on wireless, land phones and business phones. You can input any number within North America and our powerful system will give you the results you are looking for, in the blink of an eye. Our free number search provides some information about all numbers.

Get information even for unlisted and unpublished numbers

Some directories only offer phone numbers you can find in a phone book - we have invested in state of the art technology and database information to make sure our customers have access to the very best and most comprehensive list of phone numbers from all available sources - including mobile phone and Unlisted numbers!

100% Guaranteed Results

At Number Sleuth, we've built our phone investigation system to be the best, and we stand behind it with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the information you receive, simply let us know and we'll refund your money!

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